Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Last night was AMAZING! I don't speak of anything sordid but a gig I went to with my husband. The fabulous ULTRAVOX were playing at the Southend Cliffs Pavilion, a smallish venue but boy did it rock! The audience consisted of many silver haired electro-rockers reliving the band in their heyday and some who were not even born in the eighties. The best thing, apart from Midge Ures' incredible voice and Billy Currys astounding keyboard abilities, was that it was all about the music. No fancy pyrotechnics or dancers, just pure unadultered music for the fans. One of the best gigs we have been to (and we have been to quite a lot over years). Well done boys x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Home - Vintage Spectrum jewellery and curios for the vintage enthusiast

Home - Vintage Spectrum jewellery and curios for the vintage enthusiast
Well here we are again. Have tried for the last few days to reduce the Citalopram I am taking. Been on them  for almost 3 years and think it's time to come off. That didn't last long though. Headache from hell, tiredness and a weird feeling that I can't describe. Perhaps I should take it down a bit slower, only on 10 mg but think I should try one every other day. Watch this space....
I have been pricing up some stock for our vintage stall, seems to be turning into an antique stall, which is not what I want. Not got any fairs to attend as a seller for a while, going to Orsett Hall Vintage and Retro this Sunday as a customer. That will make a change.